Random Space: Survival Simulator Mod Apk (Infinite metal)

You have an accident in an unknown system due to a spaceship failure. All you have is an emergency accommodation module and a scrap heap. But by luck, you are an engineer and you have a pair of smart hands. Upgrade your residence, build companion robots, gather enough resources and build a spaceship. To go home, you must visit all the planets to determine your current location. In addition, you need to breathe, sleep and eat - remember!
Design your spaceship, save every drop of fuel, every tomato sprout and every sip of air. Nobody knows how long you have to stay here.
Follow the movements of the planets to take flight at the right time as they move closer. Wake up and get up again, improve, get and remember about your own needs.
This will be a unique experience for every player - star systems are produced unexpectedly, starting with visual parameters to the physical characteristics of the planet. The methods for survival on each planet are different - the resources needed are available, the amount of luminous energy, the availability of the atmosphere, the force of gravity, and the surface area.
Listen to the atmosphere of the planet's atmosphere and the loneliness of the unknown.
I hope you will like this story. However, it depends on you whether the wild space will be friendly with you ...

Random Space: Survival Simulator Mod Apk (Infinite metal)

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