Playbook: Interactive Story Mod Apk (Unlimited Money/Diamonds/Hints)

Playbook: Interactive Story Mod Apk The Midva game team presents a new interactive story game - Playbook! What makes us different is the fact that we offer you a unique playing experience with REAL CHOICE and the fun GAMEPLAY PUZZLE game. Instead of a simple tap-based visual novel, you will get interesting interactive stories about the supernatural, betrayal, love and friendship that will take you to MANY DIFFERENT ENDS. Make really important decisions and along the way, find hidden objects, collect torn pictures, look for differences between pictures, or choose a key to open a secret drawer. Collection of the best story games with choices waiting for you!

Playbook: Interactive Story Feature
✨ REAL CHOICE: Make decisions that drastically change the storyline.
✨ DIFFERENT ENDS: Each episode offers a different path, finds everything.
✨ CUSTOMIZATION CHARACTERS: Choose your favorite clothes, hairstyle, and makeup for every occasion!
✨ PUZZLE GAME: Enjoy the instructions of finding, searching for hidden objects, taking keys, assembling damaged items, through the maze.
POP POPULAR GENES: Mystery, Horror, Crime, Adventure, Science-Fi, Romance, and more to come.
LANGSUPPORTED LANGUAGES: English, español, Português, Türkçe, русский, Polski, srpski.

Playbook: Interactive Story Mod Apk (Unlimited Money/Diamonds/Hints)

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