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Plants vs. Zombies Heroes v1.39.90 Mod Apk (High Sun)

Plants vs. Zombies Heroes Mod Apk
Plants vs. Zombies Heroes Mod Apk Gather Heroes with extraordinary and extraordinary superpowers and build your ultimate battle team. Start the journey to find new characters, and face mighty opponents along the way. And, for the first time on mobile, play as plants or zombies. This is a new battle page!
Collect and choose from 20 unique Plant Heroes and Zombies and unlock superpowers that inspire your page. Will you choose Plants and deploy a masked avenger, sharpshooter, Green Shadow? Or will you choose Zombie Hero and summon Super Brain Superficial Superficial, Zomboss' secret weapon with a powerful punch and a preference for hair gel? Each Hero superpower election will help determine your team's winning strategy.

Every Hero needs a crew. Build your skills and diversify your skills by gathering teammates - from PvZ characters you know and love, to the courage to plant and new zombies. There are hundreds to explore! Design different strategies for your Heroes by choosing compatible teammates and experimenting with devastating combos. Or, use the Automatic Team Builder to quickly create your team, try new strategies, and automatically improve your team as you gather new characters.

Explore the universe of PvZ Heroes as each action-packed battle takes you further along an ever-expanding map. Brain or botany thirsty battles - each party has a different path to follow. Face challenging bosses with complex powers and abilities, and defeat them for legendary prizes!

Test your team when you face other players in exciting real-time matches. Get rewarded for defeating your bite enemies, and building your bank when you complete the Daily Mission from Crazy Dave. Who will be the greatest horticultural hero? Harvest your courage - the battle is ongoing!

Plants vs. Zombies Heroes v1.39.90 Mod Apk (High Sun)