Pirate Hero 3D Mod Apk (The volume down to get a lot of diamonds)

Pirate Hero is a 3D sea war-themed game, where you are a pirate captain in the Pirate Age and embark on a dangerous and exciting adventure to become a pirate king.

In the game, there are 5 groups of evil pirates, each occupying a large sea area. With great effort, they have built many towers and mazes to make their headquarters an iron fortress and increase the difficulty of attack.
You need to attack enemy bases and go far to the enemy to destroy them.
However, don't underestimate the enemy, because they might have a stronger warship after spending a lot of money. After you conquer the enemy, you can take control of their ship and make your own invincible fleet.

Game Features:

* Rich Scenery and Clear Sea Water.

Various kinds of island views such as a maze along with dynamic and clear seawater effects give players an amazing visual experience.

* Very Real Physical Effects
Using the world-class Nvidia PhysX 3D physical engine, this game works very well on mobile devices and also provides a real-world of sea warfare by simulating ship movements and battle control.

* Different Ship Systems
After defeating strong enemies, players can unlock new ships, each with a different attribute.

* Extraordinary Magic & Skills
The game offers active and passive skills, including flamethrowers, tornadoes, lightning, lasers, death fog, hyperjumps, ice storms, and many more blinding effects. A constant enhancement system allows players to kill their opponents with one hit and ensures they are more stimulating to the battle.

Pirate Hero 3D Mod Apk (The volume down to get a lot of diamonds)

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