Om Nom: Merge Mod Apk

Om Nom: Merge Mod Apk
Om Nom: Merge Mod Apk  Many fruits began to appear throughout the forest. What delicious!

It is up to Om Nom to find all the fruits scattered in the forest and restore balance again. However, he cannot do this alone, there is too much fruit for one month!
Nommies hold the key to success - Om Nom's special friends can be joined together to unlock new stronger Nommies to help chew through swamps for a tasty treat marsh.

Om Nom: Merge Feature
• Gameplay that is satisfying, interesting based on a joint
• Call the Nommies to eat fruit and get gold
• A large number of Nommies to join and discover
• Om Nom's strong ability to help Nommies eat more fruit
• Amazing offline gifts to get gold when idle
• Find treasure chests floating in the forest for more prizes

Enough gold coins are used without any reduction, unlimited diamonds

Om Nom: Merge Mod Apk

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