Nobunaga 201X Mod Apk (Weak enemy hp/Weak enemy atk)

Nobunaga 201X Mod Apk
Nobunaga 201X Mod Apk Revive in contemporary "Nobunaga no Yabou"
The newest stage for a long-awaited smartphone, how modern!
"Nobunaga no Yabou" will become an RPG and will return to Japan in 201X!

◆ ◆ With modern weapons, the Sengoku Commander is a huge success! ◆ ◆
Nobunaga Oda will release the shotgun, and Mika Sunaga shoots the enemy with a sniper rifle!
Face it with modern weapons until it suddenly appears haunted!

◆ ◆ Enjoy the deep battle! 3 × 3 battle formation ◆ ◆
Swipe the battle commander to form and attack the enemy!
Various skills and combination techniques are used by organizing military commanders
Using contemporary weapons, you can also fold in one go!

◆ ◆ Get new sponsors, weapons! ◆ ◆
Depending on the level of activity of the player, you can get various prizes such as items and modern weapons
Abandoning extraordinary achievements, special sponsors also appear!

On that day, there was a hole in Kyoto -
Heterogeneous "ghosts" that overflow out of the hole attack one after another in the surrounding area.
The devil-dominated land is covered with space distortions, even people can't even step into it.
And, the interior was changed to Japan from the Warring States era in a surprising way ... ...

To meet this unprecedented situation, the government is calling people with "talents" from all over the country,
Founded the extraordinary organization "Special Liberation Organization" to reclaim the controlling area.

Players who are descendants of the Yin Yang teacher participating in the Special Liberation Organization as agents,
He will be ordered to retake Kyoto and release the magical points which are distributed throughout the country.

During the battle, I contacted a village commander who was at war.
After negotiations, they succeed in getting their cooperation together and then act together.

Now, a strange and unexpected joint operation by modern citizens and Sengoku commanders will soon begin.
Everything to return Japan to the present country and Sengoku

Nobunaga 201X Mod Apk (Weak enemy hp/Weak enemy atk)

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