Neo Monsters Mod Apk (Unlimited COST)

Neo Monsters Mod Apk
Neo Monsters Mod Apk You arrive at the capital city of Othlon as the only heir to your uncle's monster farm. Your mission? To become a Champion of Monster Trainers!

Gather your monster team and uproot many challenges. Take part in online battles and compete in special missions for ranking, or clash with other players directly in head-to-head battles! Are you ready to take the challenge?

You must test your skills both on and off the battlefield! The battles in this game feature 4 monsters on the ground at once, and party size of up to 16 monsters. Build your party wisely, because certain monsters have the ability to work together with others for a chain strategy. Well placed monsters can mean the difference between a big win or a heavy defeat!

There are many different strategies available to use. Monsters can lock enemies with stun movements and attack with Timestrike, or put the enemy to sleep and drain their health with Dreamhunt, or keep their allies safe with Protective skills, and more!

Neo Monsters Feature
-Capture hundreds of monsters that are fully animated!
-Explore 6 different worlds in 60+ hours of adventure!
Train and adjust your monsters on the farm!
-Fight 6 leagues to become champions!
-140 optional online missions to test your skills!
-Master combinations that destroy from among the many different monster abilities!

Neo Monsters Mod Apk (Unlimited COST)

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