My Zombie Girlfriend Mod Apk (No ruby consume for premium choices)

My Zombie Girlfriend Mod Apk
My Zombie Girlfriend Mod Apk After the death of your childhood friend, you have been looking for ways to bring him back ... Finally, you can call him back from the dead with the help of black art! But unfortunately, you seem to have resurrected him as a zombie! He is as happy as possible that you have revived him, but it seems sometimes, he can't hold back the zombies' desires!
Things get more complicated when another zombie girl whom you accidentally revive in the process is involved. Can you give the life of your zombie boyfriend like a real human ...? And how will you explain this to your friends who care ?!

Find out in My Zombie Girlfriend!


Jane – The Tsundere Zombie
She was your best friend growing up but was unfortunately taken away from you in an unfortunate accident. She’s always had a thing for you but has trouble conveying her true feelings. She’s happy to be back, but she struggles with the fact that she’s a member of the undead… Will you be able to grant her true life?

Alex – The Caring Zombie
Alex was lying in her grave peacefully when you accidentally brought her back to life with your ritual! She’s also grateful to be back, but she’s worried about her sister that she left behind… Will you help her resolve her unfinished business?

Mary – The Energetic Friend
You’ve known Mary for quite a while now and though a little overbearing at times, she always watches out for you. You try to convince her that Jane and Alex are visiting relatives, but she doesn’t quite seem convinced… Will you choose to keep her in the dark or get her to help you with your mission?

My Zombie Girlfriend Mod Apk (No ruby consume for premium choices)

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