Miami crime simulator Mod Apk (NO CLIP/ADD GEMS/ADD MONEY/MOD MENU)

Miami crime simulator Mod Apk
Miami crime simulator Mod Apk
* A variety of deadly weapons and ammunition!
* Car thief!
Competition between criminals and the police takes a new round. In Miami, a criminal appeared and even the police couldn't win it. You can be reincarnated as the king of the gangland. Put all their power on the police and discover all the secrets of evil deeds - your main goal! Feel like a very cruel villain!


Destructive car and bicycle models with in-game physics for more realistic gameplay;
Full functional battle tank model with rotating gun turrets and devastating firepower;
Updated helicopter model with simplified controls and improved machine guns on board;
Now you can even find ships in the game!
The aiming system is reworked, giving players the ability to shoot right in battle with all types of weapons;
Add new animations, new special effects (blood spills, collision sparks, etc.), new sound effects (collisions, shootings, explosions, tanks, helicopters and bicycle sounds);
A reworked and added search system for more engaging gameplay;
The game is moving in a new, bigger variety location;
The code is optimized for better FPS results.

Miami crime simulator Mod Apk (NO CLIP/ADD GEMS/ADD MONEY/MOD MENU)

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