Metal Ranger Mod Apk

Metal Ranger Mod Apk
Metal Ranger Mod Apk Metal Ranger is a new and awesome shooting platformer with a retro feel that throws one battle robot valiantly against an entire army of alien monsters like insects. Explore level by level of dangerous shop floors and walkways from the game industry settings, clean enemy infestations, kill bosses, and take advantage of increased weapons and armor.
This side scroll bears a striking resemblance to 2D shooters in the 80s, the golden era of arcade action - but in a good way, thanks to sleek and well-detailed graphics. The factory interior's appearance is realistic enough to meet the expectations of a younger audience and at the same time recognizable by older gamers, displaying familiar details such as steel grating floors, large pipes and girders, and neon tube lights in the background.

Speaking of the effects of light, the release of various types of weapons used by robot characters is also well translated, from the default light lines of machine guns to the fire-and-smoke circle from the occasional blast to the fireball that fires the flamethrower. spewing out in natural strafing movements, leaving the bodies of insects burning in the awakening of hero robots.

The playing character looks nice and slim, with a natural posture and fluid movements from an android steel body. Quite often, especially in mecha games, developers choose to make their battle bots featuring various levels of clumsy and heavy movements. However, more in line with the tradition of the shooter platform, Metal Ranger trades the awkward awkwardness typical of steel joints and spring tendons for smooth and flowing movements of agile superheroes. Other physics details are also somewhat refined according to genre requirements.

The loyal soundtrack is close to the traditional chiptune style of arcade music, adding other ingredients to the recipe for "cozy food" for connoisseurs of golden oldies.

As for the enemy, they are truly strangers in a classic way. Crawling, jumping, and flying monsters come in all shapes and sizes that are unmistakable - fierce horses with two-foot wingspan, strange spider mantis crosses, huge woodlice, etc. The game takes full advantage of the fact that a normal human urge is to crush something like this - or fire your rifle at him - when you see it, it offers a large amount of bug shooting action. Crossing abandoned plant facilities, full of monsters with your robot character, using different weapons to clear enemy areas, and emerging winners in the classic battle of good vs. evil might sound rather simple - but the simplicity of genius, as they say. Could this be the reason why generations of gamers found the run-and-gun action so amazing?

All in all, if you agree that there is nothing really like a 2D shooter that goes berserk with noble reasons to repel invasion, you should enjoy playing Metal Ranger. And if you find sentimental value in a good old arcade, you will just love it.

Game features:

- Lots of interesting 3D levels
- Large warehouse
- atmospheric music
- high-quality graphics

Purchase of gold coins, click on the purchase of gold coins to be successful.
Remember to buy gold coins, you can’t buy guns or other props directly, you must first buy gold coins, to enter the game interface, click “shop” below to enter the store.

Metal Ranger Mod Apk

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