Mergical Mod Apk (The use of gold coins and physical strength are not reduced)

Mergical Mod Apk Welcome to the fantastic Mergical Island! This is a mysterious land full of magical fantasies. Here, you can explore the lost world, also to build and design islands based on your preferences! Join and build the perfect game!

Because of the spells created by a witch, all life forms on this island are in a state of rest, thick clouds blocking what was once a prosperous and beautiful city. With the power of music, you accidentally arrive at this land, using the skill of combining and solving puzzles, you can awaken this land and restore it to its original form.

With your talent and effort, you can collect ancient thick books, extraordinary plants or flowers, artistic buildings (houses, theme parks, car parks, etc.) and elegant musical instruments. Meanwhile, there are some magical creatures like cute cats, waiting to be awakened, once awake, they will be your best friends in rebuilding the island!
Mergical Mod Apk

Are you ready to build your dream home? Now is the best time to get started!

Special Feature

Character design
* Various character features. Join to unlock up to 14 different types of characters, each type bringing you a series of unique elements, which will make your island more prosperous and colorful.

Combine items to wake the island
* More than 600 types of items for you to interact and combine.
* Place 3 identical pieces next to each other, and watch amazing things come next.
* Collect magical and mysterious musical notes to help you restore this land.
* Use the material collected to redesign or improve your building.

Various gameplay and searches
* Use unique and elegant buildings to decorate your extraordinary island.
* Fun and exciting levels for exploration and unlimited play.

Mergical Mod Apk (The use of gold coins and physical strength are not reduced)

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