Merge Racer Mod Apk (Unlimited Coins/Cash/Diamonds/Tickets)

Merge Racer Mod Apk
Merge Racer Mod Apk
Recharge your memory 100%! Join the retro game, Join the racer!
Reminiscuous minicar, which we made with rubber bands and batteries.
Now let's make minicars on mobile, race tracks, collect minicars
and relive throwback memories

■ the beginning of the world racing competition, the desire of the racers
Mysterious minicar, 'Dinosaur' that will make your wish come true
4 teams and 10 members were gathered in the world competition
to wind down and get 'Dinosaurs'

When getting rare minicar by combining minicar at the same stage,
You can meet other racers!

Every racer has a different desire from their hidden past
and also various statistics and skills!
Enjoy to collect and join

■ 10 + 10 = rare minicar!
When combining 2 normal minicars on stage 10 minicar,
one of 10 types of rare minicar with emerging skills.

Rare cars have partners, skills and teams
unlike other normal minicars

When updating the minicar and partner character parts,
You can adjust your minicar
for yourself at faster speeds!

■ Active team fans!
Rare Minicar has its own team!
Gather all minicars from the team
and activate special buffs

You can get more gold and team badges faster.
Special bonus when driving a track designated for a team among 5 tracks! go, go

desert and ice! Track with different environments!
The point of minicar is? lane!

From desert and ice-themed offload paths
To track neutral with retro vibrations
Go and find 5 different tracks! go go go

When collecting badges from each track,
You can improve team characters from the track.

Merge Racer Mod Apk (Unlimited Coins/Cash/Diamonds/Tickets)

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