Merge Musician Mod Apk (Unlimited Gold coins/Diamonds)

Merge Musician Mod Apk
The Superstar's Return! Merge Musician
Become the best producer and use the highest collaboration performance.

■ Collect 12 superstars to play a fantastic combined performance!
The massive collaboration of idol stars, rock stars, orchestras, and TV.

■ LvL10 Artist + LvL10 artist = Rare artist
By combining 2 LvL10 artists, you can receive Rare Artists from various genres.

■ 70 Artists with various personalities.

■ A simple and easy game for everyone to enjoy!
Easy to take and play.
Simply place the superstar on the stage and accept the results.

■ Lots of prizes to get around! Various benefits!
Offline Compensation: Get money from your artist even when you are not playing the game.

Merge Musician Mod Apk (Unlimited Gold coins/Diamonds)

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