Medieval Clicker Blacksmith Mod Apk (Hammer Upgrade Cost 0)

Medieval Clicker Blacksmith Mod Apk
Medieval Clicker Blacksmith Mod Apk Welcome to the first Medieval Clicker adventure, a game where you will be able to make the most epic fantasy weapon ever as a talented blacksmith!
Use the Legendary Hammer and join the medieval blacksmith Talkor and his daughter Vala in this adventure forging the rarest material and therefore, making amazing medieval weapons.

Click and tap! That will be the only way your blacksmith will be able to fake medieval weapons endlessly!
Find fragments of stories in each mission carried out by your blacksmith in this adventure, they will take you to the amazing world of medieval fantasy.

Each level, ingots will be more difficult to make, but your blacksmith will be able to produce weapons that are more complex and rare. Don't forget to make the most epic legendary weapons!


● This game is a clicker game and is based on one input. Click with one finger, two or as many as you need so your blacksmith can make epic medieval weapons as fast as possible!
● A prestige system to accelerate the progress of the clicker game
● Some materials for forging, tons of epic medieval weapons to find
● 6 new weapons per material, including Legendary Weapons! (Legendary weapons take time to know, so don't be discouraged, you will eventually forge them!)
● Incredible gallery, so you can enjoy all the weapons you craft through adventure whenever you want.
● An epic story that will make you feel in this medieval fantasy world and make this adventure more real!
● Many improvements to your blacksmith's hammer, materials, etc. to make your gaming experience better!
● Two characters, Talkor and Vala, with very nice skin!
● Many achievements must be completed

Medieval Clicker Blacksmith Mod Apk (Hammer Upgrade Cost 0)

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