Magia: Charma Saga Mod Apk (Menu mod/Dumb enemy)

Magia - A Really Fantastic Story

What does "Fantasy" mean to you?
Does it take on a fun adventure in a dynamic new world?
Experiencing characters and creatures beyond your wildest imagination?
Or join brave heroes on a journey to change the fate of their world?

Whatever your "fantasy" is, make it come true with Magia!
Showing beautiful illustrations, charming scenes, mysterious creatures,
and amazing adventures with unforgettable heroes.

When the world is thrown under the shadow of Charma, a chaotic plague,
You must combine your strengths to protect Yggdrasil, the source of creation,
and unlock the secret of Magia, the mysterious power of the ancient Creator.

Magia: Charma Saga Feature
▣ Thrilling action
· Pulled in with an exciting and intuitive side-scrolling gameplay.
· Build your own special strategies through each character's unique skills!
· Use Aerial Hits, Down Hits, Break-Falls, Increased Action, and even Chain Skills to defeat enemies with creative combos!

▣ Epic Adventures
· Although your main goal is to protect Yggdrasil from encroaching Charma, be sure to enrich your journey by wandering on convincing side missions given by NPCs and certain items!
· Reveal the secrets of Magia and uncover the truth with your fellow heroes.

▣ A Clear Fantasy World
Meet everything from the fierce Goblin to the adorable Fenex.
· Explore the world of Magia which has a loving picture.

▣ Unforgettable characters
· Join the heroes of various classes, including Magic Swordsman, Battle Mage, Spirit Magician, and Guardian Knight.
· Learn more about the diverse backgrounds of each character as the mystery of Magia is revealed.

Magia: Charma Saga Mod Apk (Menu mod/Dumb enemy)

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