Lords Royale Mod Apk (No cost upgrade gold/Premium active)

Lords Royale Mod Apk
Lords Royale Mod Apk You will be trusted with the tough task of protecting the world from monsters!
Ultra-dynamic RPG Clicker. Gather teams of fighters from various levels, improve their skills and abilities, and fight together against evil bosses. Each new sidekick gives more damage. Recruit new fighters to strengthen your troops. Tap as fast and as intensive as possible to defeat monsters.

Features of Lords Royale:

Lots of different characters. Collect gold and open new fighters. The bigger the team, the easier it is to win.

See beautiful game locations, extremely bombastic monsters, and amazing game humor that will definitely not bore you!

Join the clan and fight with your friends for the Royal Palace and other locations.

Goods Store. Collect crystals, find new items, and upgrade your hero. Various helmets, axes, gloves, etc.

Use Booster to become stronger and defeat the enemy with your sword swing.

Rolls. This is a kind of challenge - unroll and follow the instructions.

Need to know!
Don't miss the DRONE, they carry a lot of stuff!
Sometimes the easiest way to kill a boss is to hit a vulnerable spot, be aware of the target.
User Chat. Communicate with other users or clan members, discuss battle tactics

Lords Royale Mod Apk (No cost upgrade gold/Premium active)

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