Looty Rogue – Mystery Dungeon Mod Apk (Unlimited Gems)

Looty Rogue is a masterpiece like a roguelike with dungeons and endless monsters to kill. Many items to be obtained and improved during your mysterious adventure. Taming the pet and leveling it with you!

Do you want to play evil? Destroy everyone in the city (assuming you are strong enough)!
Do you want to play a thief? Steal loot from the store (assuming you're smart enough)!
Do you want to play the hero? Save other players and get prizes in the form of booty!
Do you want to play the master demon? Find and upgrade monsters and control them!

In the secret prison of Looty Roguelike, you will be as you wish.

There are 3 cities that give you the opportunity to return to the first city with all your hard-earned equipment. The first city is on the 5th floor, so make it your destination!
Returning to the first city with all your supplies is a good way to collect items to proceed further into the dungeon.

- Rescue system - requests to be saved when you die so that your items can be recovered. When other players save you, they will be rewarded; You will get your goods recovered
- Find, Hatch, Raise - find monster eggs along with the dungeon, hatch, and lift monsters to be your best friend.
- Think outside the box - low coins? See epic items? Be smart and steal from the shop and escape with your gift.
- Quests - complete quests to unlock city progress
- Customize, Enchant - build your armory and protectors! Find the scroll and add abilities to it! Make the weakest dagger the ultimate dagger.
- Storage - Store your valuables in a safe to be ready for you even if you die!
- Unique - all dungeons are made uniquely, full of mysterious treasures for you to take
- Treasure - Many treasures for you to find. weapons, protectors, accessories, scrolls, magic.
- Ads - there are advertisements in the game, but most of them can be avoided!

Looty Rogue – Mystery Dungeon Mod Apk (Unlimited Gems)

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