Lien Quan Giang Ho Mod Apk (Unlimited silver/gold)

Lien Quan Giang Ho is a familiar role-playing game. Defined in a feudal sense the sword carries the feeling of a familiar player through each task. The game brings memories of the world of martial arts in the past with large sects in the giang lake as Shaolin, Tang, Wudang, My Russia, The Bang ...
Advantages of the Jiangsu coalition:
-Grade system
- The game has a variety of map systems, including cities, cities, and maps.
* Potential skill points and skills allow you to improve your character freely according to your wishes.
-Green item system with five elements, to activate hidden attributes.
-Disciplinary task system for learning skills
Golden boss hunting system
- Blood disinfection system
Martial Arts System:
+ Forest counter attack does not exist
+ High-level network
+ Martial arts use internal strength to deal damage
+ Russian my diverse support skills, healing
+ High attack strength

Lien Quan Giang Ho Mod Apk (Unlimited silver/gold)

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