Last Survivor: Survival Craft Island 3D Mod Apk (Free craft/ No Hunger-Thirsty)

Last Survivor is a survival adventure game where you set your own destiny in an open world environment. Discover this amazing world. Use everything you find to survive. Hunt for wild animals, fish or collect fruits to overcome hunger. Explore the island in your car. Mining for resources and tools for crafts, weapons, buildings, clothing, and more items to survive. Find hidden treasures. You can even dive and swim. Experience the full day and night cycle.
Unlimited Survival and World Exploration. No instructions Start from zero and hunt, craft and research to survive.

Forget your daily problems. It's time to prove that you can survive in any condition. Stay alive as long as you can. Prove to the whole world that no task is impossible for you.

Explore the buildings and abandoned shelters. Find weapons and build transportation using various materials.
Remember everything you have ever learned about chemistry and physics! This is a very real survival game!

Follow your own path in an environment of amazing beauty and giant scope. Explore a large forest inhabited by wolves and dangerous bears.
Hunt animals, but be careful: even mice can seriously hurt you! Explore the island and the underwater world!

• Survival Island
• Construction of houses and many other items
• –°raft system - get resources, hunt, find useful objects or weapons and make your own!
• Hunting
• Day / Nigth Cycle
• Hardcore survival simulator

Last Survivor: Survival Craft Island 3D Mod Apk (Free craft/ No Hunger-Thirsty)

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