LAST CLOUDIA Mod Apk (MENU MOD/ One Hit/ God Mode)

LAST CLOUDIA Mod Apk The story of the bond between Humans and Animals.

The world where humans and animals coexist, Granzelia.
The war started by the God of Destruction has passed and humans now live in peace. However, things began to change when the 12th Division of the Knight Brigade was given a mission to rescue a young woman.
Kyle, a young, warm-blooded knight, and Rei, a beast that fearlessly climbed the Imperial sky.
What they don't know is ...
Their choice will change the world.

・ BGM deserves a film that adds an extraordinary story.
Not just pixelated characters, but together with camera work, a unique 3D environment and BGM, the story opens!

・ Experience the tension and adrenaline rush!
Feel more connected through exclusive real-time battles! Enjoy super-flashy movements and adrenaline flow when fighting boss monsters!

・ Fully customizable character growth statistics!
Are you bored with strong figures whose personalities don't really appeal to you? With our character growth system, all characters in this game have the same chance to become the strongest at the party. It's only up to you how you increase statistics on your favorites!

・ Challenge other players in PVP with the strongest!
The arena has been prepared as a stage for PVP.
No two characters will have the same stats!
Customize your favorites to make your ultimate party and fight to the top!

・ The leading voice actor luxury!
Of course, they sound in battle, but you can also enjoy the characters who live through the home screen and when their abilities are improved!
Beautiful players will be announced!

LAST CLOUDIA Mod Apk (MENU MOD/ One Hit/ God Mode)

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