Kievan Rus Mod Apk (Money/Free Purchase)

Kievan Rus Mod Apk
Kievan Rus Mod Apk Kievan Rus is a strategy game with a focus on political maneuvers. Here war is just a tool of the trade.

This game allows you to play as the ruler of Kievan Rus', one of the strongest countries in the world at that time. The Middle Ages is a setting that is truly a treasure for fans of strategy games. In the game, there are 35 states, and barbarians, who have their own territories and resources.

However, the way the ruler will not take a walk in the park. Be prepared for deadly wars and politics on the back floor - you will be faced with the most powerful countries in the gaming world, including Britain that dominates the sea, Balkan countries (Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary, Croatia, and Serbia), and Arab countries Syria, with a large army that can be used. So you think the Roman Empire has made great progress? Maybe, you prefer European countries, like France and Scotland? Or is Byzantium what you consider a good example? Let them know that you are ready to fight directly and build your own empire and that you are a dictator and strategist. Their aim is to advance their own civilization while preventing you from doing so. Test your political views and find out if you are good at strategy and diplomacy - lead your country through time and age.

To succeed, engage in war with your rival. Raise your own army and fleet, declare war or start fighting in it when they are in full swing. Spread spies and send saboteurs to your enemy country to find out what they will do. Attacking countries, conquering the land, and capturing scarce resources.

A wise dictator is key to the success of state policy. Manage foreign affairs, conclude a non-aggression pact, and make suggestions for consideration by other countries. Remember that well thought out diplomacy and policies are often more effective choices than war.

Don't forget about the country's economic activities: produce food, and make weapons for your troops. Use research to increase the number of manufactured goods and military capabilities. However, one country cannot produce everything, so you must trade with other countries and buy scarce resources and goods.

Introduce new laws and make your citizens comply. You can build your country's chosen religion. Appoints army and fleet commanders, and heads of tax, trade, economy, and construction. Separatism will not be tolerated: crush riots that occur in your country. Your kingdom will be the strongest, and diplomacy, weapons, and economics will help you achieve it.

The game uses real-life conditions that existed at that time, with real historical events. Large and detailed maps will allow you to see information about your own region and other countries. This is just the basics of the game: You can find out how much is offered just by playing it.

The game doesn't require an internet connection, and you can play it wherever you like. There are no time limits set for turns: You can choose the speed of the game you like. The geopolitical strategy set out in the Middle Ages with a special focus on Slavs is available on smartphones and tablets. This is a good way to spend time because it combines entertainment and brain training.

Kievan Rus Mod Apk (Money/Free Purchase)

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