Kid-E-Cats: Grocery Store & Cash Mod Apk (Built-in cache)

Kid-E-Cats continue their adventure in this funny game for toddlers! This time the little kitten will shop. They need to buy lots of items from the shop and find a responsible maid!
Supermarket games are always very fun!
Cookies, Candy, Pudding, and their friends get a shopping list from their parents and go to the supermarket. You will love the family game with three kittens!
Look at how many items are on the shelf.
👍👍👍 Choose the character you want to help 🛒 shop, pick up a trolley, and pull the product off the shelf.
👍👍👍 Be attentive! You don't need additional items, only items that are on the list! Learning games for children help train memory and attention!
👍👍👍 As soon as you fill the trolley, you must pay for the goods at the cash desk 👛.
👍👍👍 After each level, you will unlock new products and make the game more fun and entertaining!

Kid-E-Cats: Grocery Store & Cash Mod Apk (Built-in cache)

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