Just Kill Me 3 Mod Apk (Gold coins are imposed)

Everyone loves the endless dynamic action of Just Kill Me!
Now get ready for the 3rd installment!

■ Story
"Did, uh, have you ever played Just Kill Me?
First, I mean. Because if you have ...
If so, leave this place! "

In front of you stands a mysterious Devil God cat.
He was finished off with experienced JKM players
and directs his gaze to you, a beginner.
"You have one mission, one and only one ...
Just kill me! "

Why does the Devil God crave death?
What has he done with people who play JKM?

And why is this Just Kill Me 3 ...
when there was never Just Kill Me 2?

The latest addition to the JKM series throws
convention game lapping out the window!

Beginner JKM, come along for the trip!
Veterans JKM, proceed with caution ...

■ How to Play
Killing the Demon Gods is as easy as 1-2-3:
Just tap the little creature called Tama to attack!
There she is. Without muss, no hassle.
This game is fun, fun, for everyone!

■ Exceptional Playback Ability
Kill wave after wave of Demon Gods
with the help of your divine pet!
Gather them, make them stronger, focus
their attack, leave no survivors!
A variety of cool items will also
proven to be indispensable for your violations!

Just Kill Me 3 Mod Apk (Gold coins are imposed)

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