John Hayashi : The Legendary Mod Apk (High Damage/No Skill CD)

In this peaceful world, the gates of hell open and demons take over the world.

The Gunman John of the West and Edo the swordsman Hayashi from the same era both lost their loved ones from this demon.

United by an inexplicable spirit force, both because of their hatred of demons, they both became John Hayashi.

And they are hungry for revenge.

Brilliant western action with weapons and swords! John Hayashi!

Introduction to the game
Push zombies with Hayashi's attack, destroy them with John's revolver to get to the top of Hell where Azrael is waiting and save the world.

Core Content
⚔️ Counterattack with the sword against enemy attacks and kill with shots.
⚔️ Use your gorgeous skill shots to defeat many enemies with Souls obtained from your opponents!
⚔️ Collect various weapons.
⚔️ Upgrade John Hayashi to learn various shooting skills!

John Hayashi : The Legendary Mod Apk (High Damage/No Skill CD)

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