Immortal Heart Mod Apk (No ruby consume for premium choices)

Immortal Heart Mod Apk
Immortal Heart Mod Apk  A city bustling with news about the abduction of a young woman. After losing your brother two years before and feeling a connection, you start looking for clues. You find yourself at the door of a man named Vis, who is said to have information about anything you want to know. Vis agrees to tell you about your missing brother, but only for the price ... it's not possible for you to pay. Vis gives you an offer: "Take this suitcase and get on the train I told you to."
The next day, you take the overnight train where you meet two men who introduce themselves as Luchino and Alto. They tell you that they are investigating a secret organization and warn you to be careful because their members are in it. That night when you rested in your compartment, you were approached by a hooded man. They threaten you with gunpoints and demand, "Where is the wine !?" The two previous men, Alto and Luchino appeared and it was immediately clear that they were also looking for the wine.

What exactly is this wine and why is everyone after it? Can you get information about your sister's whereabouts? "Eternal beauty", "Eternity" ... what do these words have to do with you?

■■ Character ■■
・ Luchino
A young man works together with Alto. He is knowledgeable and kind, but it is clear that he has his own secrets. The aim is to find a "wine recipe" and destroy it.

・ Alto
Alto is confident and energetic. He is always the one who comforts you and cares for you, but also shows a more sensitive side when he talks about his younger sister. He worked with Luchino in the pursuit of an organization called Nosferatu that pays attention to wine.

・ Vis
The person responsible for involving you in the wine incident, Vis is famous underground as a source of information. However, despite his fame, he doesn't seem to enjoy dealing with other people's privacy or enjoying the reactions of his clients. His true intentions are shrouded in mystery.

Immortal Heart Mod Apk (No ruby consume for premium choices)

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