Hex Commander: Fantasy Heroes v4.9 Mod Apk (Unlimited Currency/Free upgrade/Unlocked Race/No Ads)

Hex Commander: Fantasy Heroes Mod Apk
Hex Commander: Fantasy Heroes Mod Apk Hex Commander: Fantasy Heroes is a turn-based strategy game that will put you right in the middle of conflicts between humans, orcs, goblins, elves, and dwarves.Build a mighty army and lead your army to victory, using your unit's unique skills. Take advantage of terrain and building cover to increase your stats and outwit your enemies.
In the human campaign, you play Percival Kent, an experienced paladin sent by the Emperor to investigate reports of goblin activity in human settlements. The kingdom is on the verge of war ... Who wants to break up? What kind of alliance do you have to forge to face the inevitable invasion of green-skinned enemies? Take part in an exciting campaign to reach the truth and protect your people.
To get tactical advantages, you must use magic, which goes far beyond the deployment of special magician units. As a paladin, Percival was trained to use scrolls, which could change the tide of battle in the blink of an eye. Summon the undead, lead your opponents into the rain of fire or poisonous clouds, and build their anger.
Thanks to the Emperor, you have a base ready to help you. You can develop it according to your chosen fighting style. Upgrade your hero and your favorite units, and increase teleport to get an edge on the battlefield.

- A turn-based strategy game with simple and clear rules and tactical depth, thanks to which you can adjust the gameplay style to your personal preferences.
- Use the special skills of your hero and unit to get an edge on the battlefield.
- Expand your base, increase your troops and recruit special units.
- Every race available has balanced units and features, which implement unique strategies and make battles more exciting and varied.
- Complete a captivating campaign to learn the truth behind the war that will change your kingdom forever.

Hex Commander: Fantasy Heroes v4.9 Mod Apk (Unlimited Currency/Free upgrade/Unlocked Race/No Ads)

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