HERETIC GODS – Ragnarök Mod Apk

HERETIC GODS – Ragnarök Mod Apk
HERETIC GODS – Ragnarök Mod Apk Take a trip to the Viking lands and dark ages to free the monastery from the curse
from the heretical gods.

HereticGods is a classic action-playing game, but accelerated gameplay makes it the perfect arcade hack and slaughter version for mobile games.
Fight against the legions of demons, collect and upgrade your equipment
and wake up your hero from many skills.

• randomly generated dungeons
• form different characters build from 75+ skills
• Graphic settings that can be adjusted for the best performance even on old hardware
• The innovative automatic targeting system
• The optional automatic battle system
• Magic items generated are infinite random
• Hundreds of unique items and set items
• can be played completely for free
• 3 difficulties
• ongoing updates for more game content

Unlimited Money
If you sell goods to any seller within the game, you earn “25,000 .000 gold per product. You can buy cheap items and increase your money by selling them, you can buy more valuable armor – weapons.
The game is a special member so you start as a premium.

HERETIC GODS – Ragnarök Mod Apk

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