Hamster Life Mod Apk Money

Hamster Life Mod Apk
Hamster Life Mod Apk Hamster Life is a free game application that can play with hamsters and lead a healing life.
You can feed him, touch his cute face. If the hamster is full of food it even takes food home,
fig they are many funny behaviors that you can see.

Not just touching or giving food, even if you put the hamster on a wheel.
There are hundreds of ways to care for your hamster.
Let's take care of it every day and find many types of displays about it.

* Now Start the game by dragging the hamster to the steering wheel!
* You can save coins if you let the hamster play its facilities.

■ How to play ・ How to raise a hamster

* How to care for hamsters
・ You can feed or touch his cute face.
・ Long press the hamster and you can move the hamster. You can also replace your furniture or decoration.
・ Double click screen, the hamster will come to you!

* How to save coins
・ If you touch the hamster or feed it many times, EXP can be accumulated.
・ If Hamsters are full of food, they will bring food back home!
・ If the Hamster approaches the water feeder, we will start drinking water sweetly!
・ Use coins to increase the number of hamsters that can also accumulate EXP easily.
・ There are still other ways to save coins, let's find out!

* How to get cheese
Just take care of your hamster, there will be coins when you level up.
And take the hamster for a walk, there will also give you coins when you level up.

* How to add a new hamster
Please click on the hamster at the top of the screen. Then you can exchange or add new hamsters.
If you want to promote the stage level, you can also exchange it with cheese.

* How to replace the home decoration
・ You can save coins and exchange furniture for coins in the shop.
・ After you buy new furniture or decorations, you can decorate it directly.

* About traveling
Very easy to play, just stack three blocks of the same color vertically or horizontally.
Then you can get coins or cheese or hamsters.

* About the event
According to your level, the official party prepares various types of events.
Come on get a beautiful gift and take our hamster card !!

* About the start page
After completing the tutorial, you can choose home or walk mode.
You can get through your life with a hamster and free to decorate the house.

* If you cannot open the application, please restart your device and close the application first.

Hamster Life Mod Apk Money

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