Green Skin: Dungeon Master Mod Apk (One Hit Kill/No ADS)

# Roguelike_Stay Alert!

Start from the beginning every time you fail!
All items are random! The dungeon might be full of treasures, all full of monsters and traps!
So, stay alert!

# Clan_Wish Strength and Wisdom for you!

Arrange your own party to start the adventure in the dungeon.
Not only a hero to fight monsters but also a hero who specializes in detecting is needed!

# Equipment_Be "True Masters" of legendary weapons!

Among the equipment from the Common class to Legendary, only Legendary equipment has mysterious hidden abilities.
However, only by fulfilling the search "Ownership", it can be released!

# Heroine Favorability_I will be your Goddess

Reach the likes of various heroes in the adventure!
Do their kindness and gain their blessings to become stronger in the dungeon!

# Endless Labyrinth_Hidden dungeon that no one ever returns.

Defeat monsters in the maze, take your treasure from the dungeon!
Don't be afraid to challenge, you have many opportunities to enter!

# Blood Dominion_ A fierce battle between clans to control territory!

Arrange your clan to attack new territories to make it yours.
A failed defense will lose the territory, but you have another chance to retaliate!

Green Skin: Dungeon Master Mod Apk (One Hit Kill/No ADS)

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