Garena RoV: Mobile MOBA Mod Apk (Map Mod) + Obb

Garena RoV: Mobile MOBA Mod Apk
RoV regards it as a 5v5 MOBA experience with true fans. Collaborative Mobile eSports history together today.

+ MOBA gameplay variations.
In RoV games, players can make games with friends or other players having battle time maps in 5v5, 3v3, 1v1, which are designed to meet. And feel playing most of the MOBA games.

+ Self-Defense Team Work
Strategy, selection, and team heroes. The diverse skills and responsibilities of each player to supervise each other.

* Heroes' balance
Hero of RoV is designed to have the power to balance roles. Flexibility can be adjusted to suit a variety of players. Both styles are 5v5, 3v3 or 1v1.

+ Game balance system
The game system designed for all players is the same. The decision of victory from the hands and teammates.

+ Game in 10 minutes.
Players can experience the full MOBA at any time. Playing 5v5 can take an average of only 10 minutes per game.

The controls are simple:
The RoV system responds to MOBA mobile games very well. Designed by the game research and development team.

+ Fully supports eSports
Get ready for the final Mobile eSports 5V5 RoV race series throughout the year.

Garena RoV: Mobile MOBA Mod Apk (Map Mod) + Obb

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