First Stage Landing Simulator Mod Apk (Free ads to enter the level)

This game shows how difficult it is to recover the first stage of a rocket. Try to land as smoothly as you can.

- Feel the unique sensation of a rocket landing that can be reused on land or in drone ships in the middle of the ocean.
- Compete with friends and players around the world to see who is the best rocket pilot.

Currently, most rockets are destroyed or disappear after being launched into space, meaning that an entirely new rocket must be built for each mission. Reusable rockets that land on their own are important aspects in reducing the cost of reaching orbit and increasing space access. Space tourism is becoming a reality for everyone and we will also be able to build a city on Mars in the future.

Most of the launch costs come from building rockets, which fly only once. Compare with commercial aircraft, each new aircraft costs almost the same as Falcon 9 but can fly several times per day, and perform tens of thousands of flights during its lifetime.

Can be reused
The rocket does not move straight up into space but follows a parabolic arc up and away from the launch pad. Because of this, rockets have to go through a lot to make landfall. The first stage of the rocket is separated at the edge of Earth's atmosphere. Then the vehicle must slow down in the intended direction and turn around completely. This carries out a series of three recovery burns to maneuver the rocket to the designated landing site at sea or on land and extreme slow it down from supersonic speeds to propel soft landing, intact and upright using a foot landing quartet used at the last moment before slow speed touchdown.

The first historic landing of the rocket made Spaceon Elon Musk with Falcon 9. The rocket was launched from NASA Cape Canaveral, which was previously used for shuttle launches.

First Stage Landing Simulator Mod Apk (Free ads to enter the level)

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