FAITH Mod Apk (Menu mod/God mode)

FAITH Mod Apk Enjoy the best smartphone graphics and action with your friends in a wide-open field. You can choose between automatic and semi-automatic battles, and even beginners can easily and easily level up!

■ Union Galanos vs Imperial Dalkan! The battle for the resurrection of "God"
Is it an alliance for freedom or an empire that values ​​order? Belonging to one of the forces responsible for every justice aims to win in battles with enemy forces. Win battlefields that suddenly occur in conflict zones and defeat enemy forces.

■ Half of the players are enemies! Real-time large-scale battles
"Occupation battles" where two troops compete for territory in one territory, "Deathmatch" who wins by defeating enemies on time, betting treasures and fighting with 3 enemy forces vs. boss monster strength vs self strength "Dragon Let's lead the power to victory with win fierce battles between powers like "Treasure Battlefield".

■ From individual battles to team/guild battles! Various modes are packed with fun to fight
One person who decides the strongest of the battlefield vs. "battle duel" of 1 person, 4 people vs 4 teams "Coliseum" team for each force, 20 people vs 20 "guild battles" occupation base battles, 6 people will defeat the boss large "Play various game modes, such as" Raid Dungeon "and" Invasion "which secretly complete quests in the opponent's territory!

■ Six characters with beautiful voice actors
Three people from each group, one of a total of six characters that can be played, choose to start the game. Customize the character of your choice with your favorite hairstyle and costume, and go to the battlefield with your favorite character.

FAITH Mod Apk (Menu mod/God mode)

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