Euclidea Mod Apk (Unlimited tips to unlock all game packs)

Euclidea Mod Apk
Euclidea Mod Apk Euclidea is a FUN & CHALLENGING Way to Make Euclidian Construction!
> 127 Level: from very easy to very difficult
> 11 Tutorial
> 10 Innovative Tools
> "Explore" Mode and Instructions
> Ease, Zoom & Pan Easily
> No Ads!

Euclidea is a brilliantly original way to learn, explore, and have fun with Euclidian Construction! Your task is to solve interesting challenges by building geometric constructions with parallel rulers and compasses. If you design the simplest and most elegant solution in the fewest number of moves, you will get the highest score. Solutions are scored in lines (L) and basic Euclidean construction (E).

*** Start Simple and Get Smarter! ***
Don't worry if you are not a mathematician. Euclidea starts with a simple challenge that guides you through the basics. Once you master the basics, you will move on to harder and more swollen challenges such as inner/outer tangent, regular polygons, and more. There are 120 unique challenges in total, organized into packages for simpler navigation.

*** Add Construction to Your Interface ***
When you study certain significant constructions - such as corners, compasses don't collapse, etc. - they are automatically added to the Euclidea interface shortcut, which helps you save time and allows you to make clean, neat images.

*** Easy to Drag, Pan & Zoom ***
The construction made by Euclidea was entirely dynamic. Thus, you can drag to adjust angles, lines, radii and so on. You can also easily zoom and pan. This not only makes the experience more interactive, but also allows you to better understand the relationships between geometric elements, explore possibilities, and analyze errors.

*** Instant, Automatic Precision ***
Don't worry about spending time or effort to achieve perfect accuracy, because Euclidea automatically handles the task by pinning points, lines and circles into a clean application interface.

*** Additional Special Features ***
> "Explore" mode which helps which lets you see the figure you need to wake up
> Inventory of tools that you make as you progress - you will need them to complete future challenges
> Some challenges can be solved in more than one way, which means you can try a different approach and have more fun

Euclidea Mod Apk (Unlimited tips to unlock all game packs)

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