Epic Arena Mod Apk (Menu/Instant Win)

Epic Arena is a free turn-based 3D strategy board game that is played like a fighting action video game. Spread your units, strengthen them, and defeat your opponents in an epic two-player match. Join the arena now!

Epic Arena 3D graphics and bone-rattling sound effects will excite you. Tactical gameplay will challenge your mind and test your intelligence. Engage in thrilling cross-platform games in Blitz Mode against other players or maintain multiple matches at once in asynchronous Duel Mode.

Epic Arena is easy to learn but difficult to master. Start playing in minutes! Try a single-player puzzle mission to train your tactical muscles and learn victory strategies. Perfect your strategy by challenging friends. Or get involved in a match ranked to climb the ladder of the game's best players.

Play from anywhere, anytime on any device. Epic Arena provides a truly cross-platform experience.

Epic Arena is free to play. Unlock or buy additional teams to master your strategy. Get a Power Card and use their special tactics against your opponents. Whatever it is, you are guaranteed to have fun!

Main feature:

• Free-to-Play, the turn-based 3D strategy board game.
• The competitive game against your friends and players all over the world.
• 3 Teams: Legion of Chaos, Brotherhood of Order, and Pirates of Tortuga Bay, all featuring unique units, spells, and team properties.
• 2 game modes: Duel Mode (play out of sync) and Flash Mode (play time-limited synchronous play).
• Various Power Card situational uses, providing limited tactical options.
• Cross-platform play: play from anywhere, anytime on any device.

Epic Arena Mod Apk (Menu/Instant Win)

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