Elf Wars – Magical Power Mod Apk (Instant Wins)

Elf Wars – Magical Power Features

▼ Endless Strategy
- Tap and drag! Intuitive attack / defense / movement controls in real-time strategy!
- Five tankers? Five Assassins? Five Help? Make your own combination tactically!
- A variety of different skills and attributes from hundreds of heroes.

▼ Rich Welfare
- Enter every day to get the SS hero and Ultimate Gear Set!
- Return 1 scroll call for every 5 calls!
- Big prizes in new carnivals, raise your power in no time!

▼ Some Thrilling Battles
- True power is inside, release your hero and fight to infinity!
- World boss! King Arena! The Best Dungeon! Challenge Raid! Defeat the boss who is soaring high!
- Fast action battle system.

▼ Global PVP and Group Battle
- Real-time battles with players all over the world! Show your unique strategy to the world!
- An endless journey to become the best guild ever!
- Guild Siege War! Fierce fight for the honor of the guild!

Elf Wars – Magical Power Mod Apk (Instant Wins)

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