Dungeon Tales Mod Apk (Unlock all cards/Double experience)

Dungeon Tales Mod Apk
Dungeon Tales Mod Apk Dungeon Tales is a turn-based roguelike RPG card game.

Fight against epic monsters to collect cards and relics. Plan your strategy and build your deck as you progress through the adventure.

Choose your path from the procedurally generated dungeons, and determine the best route to victory. Visit shops to expand your arsenal, find treasures, find strange events and choose how to react. Master your deck building with unique strategies and endless combos.

- Deckbuilding card game with a combination of roguelike RPG elements
- A unique turn-based fighting system that you have never seen in any card game before
- Epic boss battles that reward the use of adaptive strategies
- Procedural map system
- Stores, campfires and traps
- Unique events to enhance the adventure
- Collect 50+ cards for deck building
- Collect 60+ relics
- Kill 50+ monsters
- Kill 9 elite monsters
- Kill 10 epic bosses
- Countless combinations

Dungeon Tales Mod Apk (Unlock all cards/Double experience)

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