Dumb Ways to Die Original Mod Apk (Unlimited Gold Coins)

Dumb Ways to Die Original Mod Apk
Dumb Ways to Die Original Mod Apk Enjoy 26 funny mini-games as you try to collect all the very stupid Beans for your train station, get a high score and open the famous music video that started it all.

Dumb Ways to Die Original GAMEPLAY
- Why does her hair burn? Who cares, just RUN!
- Quickly clean your screen from vomiting
- Balance the wobbly eater glue
- Flick the piranha out of the reach of that precious private part
- Swat wasps before it's too late
- You better not invite the psychiatric killer inside
- Carefully remove the fork from the toaster
- Help self-taught pilots
- Get back from the platform edge you're stupid
- Have patience at level crossings
- Don't cross the tracks! Even for balloons!
- And who knew rattlesnakes were so picky about mustard?
- Doing your own electrical work? Choose the cable carefully
- Think about the gap! Take the train safely
- Space is not fun without a helmet. Wear now!
- Stop the clothes dryer. That is a terrible hideout!
- Scratching drug travel, now avoid the bat
- Taking expired drugs is not recommended
- Selling your kidney on the internet? Don't run out of blood!
- Perform a brave rescue from a burning building
- Washing dishes can be deadly! Prevents electric shock
- Remember to stop at the level crossing
- Everyone likes bacon! Even poisonous snakes!

Dumb Ways to Die Original Mod Apk (Unlimited Gold Coins)

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