Detective Jackie – Mystic Case Mod Apk (Unlock the full version)

Detective Jackie – Mystic Case Mod Apk
Detective Jackie – Mystic Case Mod Apk Detective Jackie - Mystic Case introduces talented private investigator Jackie Johnson to the all-new GameHouse Original Story. After losing her daughter to a severe fire, Jackie dedicated her life to solving the killing and disappearance of children. But a confusing new investigation is too close to home, and Jackie is determined to find an answer!
Can traces of new clues resolve past tragedies? Evidence shows one direction: a mysterious painting known as "Medusa's Pride".

What secrets are there under the surface?
Can Jackie conclude the relationship between reality and mythology?

Only cold investigators can reveal the truth! Use the power of your observations to determine the right direction for your investigation. Do you have what it takes to descend under this unpleasant mystery?

🔎 Solve the thrilling murder mystery with mythological proportions
🔎 Use your detective's instincts to follow the lead trail
🔎 Play 60 story levels and infiltrate 8 interesting locations
🔎 Interview suspects and determines whether they are lying or telling the truth
Master Jackie's Skills through 6 minigames including chemical analysis, symbology studies, cold reading, object analysis, listening and scent searching
🔎 Discover ancient secrets hidden in priceless artifacts
🔎 Harness the power of the mysterious ring and unlock all-new abilities
🔎 Prove your skills and open 30 medals worthy of eagle-eyed investigators

Detective Jackie – Mystic Case Mod Apk (Unlock the full version)

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