Detective Games: Crime scene investigation Mod Apk (Unlimited experience)

Unique crime scene investigation game!

2049. The best detectives have been reunited to deal with the crime that spread quickly.
Many home squads fail or, worse, buy from crime.
The Scottish Yard has created a CrimeBot killing squad to assist police in criminal investigations.

CrimeBots is a technology-detective detective who is able to complete a crime scene investigation, gather clues and find the culprit in a criminal case more effectively than a true detective.
Thanks to them, the police can conduct an investigation, find the culprit in the crime file in no time.

Detective Games: Crime scene investigation Features:
- Investigating crime scenes with detective stories where you have to answer: who is the killer? Catch criminal minds solving clues before they can escape using your investigative discovery skills
- Different game mystery modes. Murder to be solved randomly where you have a number of attempts before the killer manages to escape and the murder to be resolved with a timed challenge in a mystery case.
- Investigative discovery: an innovative system for creating crime scenes with hidden objects, clues, suspects, witnesses, alibis, and relationships with an infinite combination.
- ranking criminal investigations from the best detectives who solve more mystery cases.

Detective Games: Crime scene investigation Mod Apk (Unlimited experience)

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