Dash Quest 2 Mod Apk (God Mode/Unlimited Coin/Gem/Energy/No ADS)

Dash Quest 2 Mod Apk
Dash Quest 2 Mod Apk A thousand years ago, a hero named Dash was called to save the world from the evil Lich and its dark forces.

Emerging from the shadows, ancient and unspeakable evil threatens once again. Zaru, the Master of Lich, returns to avenge the failure of his creation, vowing to destroy the world forever.

Time for a new hero now!

Can you help Dash's descendants fulfill the fate of their ancestors and save the world, restoring hope to their people?

Dash returns to adventure with the action-packed sequel, Dash Quest 2!

Dash Quest 2 Feature:
⚡ Hack and slash goblins, trolls, demons, zombies and more!
⚡ Explore the vast lands of the world including scorched fields, barren deserts, haunting caves, and more!
⚡ Unlock many new NEW abilities such as Eviscerate, Ragnarok and Black Hole which destroy! Lure them to reach epic levels!
⚡ Collect incredible combat equipment! No crafts needed!
⚡ Discover ancient relics with powerful effects!
⚡ Deep and customizable skill tree!
⚡ Endless runner and RPG mechanics in the kingdom of pixels!
⚡ Classic 16-bit arcade action!

Dash Quest 2 Mod Apk (God Mode/Unlimited Coin/Gem/Energy/No ADS)

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