Cybershock : TD Idle & Merge Mod Apk (Unlimited Gold/Crystal/Diamond/No ADS)

Cybershock : TD Idle & Merge Mod Apk Hey, you there. Yes, you are the one who reads this. WE NEED YOU!

Our city, magnificent and beautiful New York City, is under attack!
An evil robot army, led by the Red Emperor, is right on the outskirts of the city. We have to stop them at all costs, for millions of lives in the city.

Join us, be our leader, be our hero, and our Defense Force is under your command. We have the most skilled and bravest soldiers, who come from 5 soldiers:
- RAPIDO: Master of the gun. Every invader who enters their range will get a rain of bullets on his head.
- CRYO: They like to freeze their enemies, slow them down, make them easy targets to attack.
Cybershock : TD Idle & Merge Mod Apk
- ACIDO: Spraying concentrated acid on the enemy, melting it into a liquid, they show no mercy to those who dare to attack their city.
- PYRO: There is an eternal fire in their engines, their gun barrels, and their metal hearts. They are most effective against large groups of enemies.
- ELECTRO: Be careful! They have the greatest robotkind invention.

You will command our troops with these skills:
- MERGE: Combine two units of the same army and rank to make a higher rank.
- IDLE: Collect energy from enemies even when you are offline, then use them to increase your troops.
- STRATEGY: mobilize your warriors in the right place to make the best use of their skills.
- ACTION: Call reinforcements or exchange your soldier positions at the right time to bring down powerful enemies.

Cybershock : TD Idle & Merge Mod Apk (Unlimited Gold/Crystal/Diamond/No ADS)

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