Crime Revolt Mod Apk (Unlimited bullets/Automatic firing) + Obb

The main idea of ​​the Crime Revolt application
This shooter is made specifically for people, who like to shoot online in virtual reality only for free. This is a great opportunity to feel like a real soldier with weapons and other weapons or like a sniper, who is trying to prevent a big shotgun explosion.

There is a short story - you are in a PVP situation, you make a great blow and your opponents are out of line. Can you imagine this? You are one of the greatest heroes of the world Crime Rebellion now.

Also, this shooter has one important feature - every battle, where you are, is from the first person. What's more, you can play versus gamers all over the world in 3D FPS.

There are many different modern weapons, using it you can fight with bad people in different ways. Direct your anger in the right way. Equipment includes different items such as hats, masks, armor, and sets.

The benefits
Collect coins and experience, use it to improve your items in a modern way and use them in the battle to win. Face new challenges every day and get the prize. Extra opportunities: invisible people, the coolest weapons, and special shootings. Hit your enemy and become the number one warrior.

Here you have many different maps. We make maps of all sizes for various first-person roles in the game: snipers, spies, or tank battle participants.

Our free online game offers many different modes for gamers such as Team Deathmatch, Battle with Zombies, Capture the Terrorist's Points and Sniper Arena. Send to glory dozens of zombies in infection mode. Run and stop the zombie crisis!

Portable connection all over the world
In our new shooter games all over the world, make new friends because of their connections in one gameplay. This is a global network of people, who like an army of shooting fans, strategy games and saving the world from bad people.

Crime Revolt features:
Timely updates
Favorable offer
First-person action
Incredible 3D-graphics
Connect with like-minded people all over the world
Opportunities to show and increase strength and critical thinking

Crime Revolt Mod Apk (Unlimited bullets/Automatic firing) + Obb

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