Crazy Open World Driver – Taxi Simulator Mod Apk Money

Best Open World, New Mobile Application for 3D Taxi Game
Open World Driver: Taxi car driving simulator game! Play the big and real open-world map game.
This time we give you a career mode. Get your best taxi, turn on the engine and become a city traffic racer game. The training fosters skills and builds empires. Be an extreme driving coach. Drive speeding up your taxi through big city traffic, picking up passenger certificates, and delivering them to their destination safely.
Drive the yellow racing parking, New York Taxi, experience the right-hand side of the ride with the London Cab, take a German car! Many cities are also waiting to be explored: New York, Frankfurt, Moscow, London, San Francisco, Los Angeles

the features
• Large and realistic open world map
• There is no level mode only Mission without end.
• AAA Ultra ultimate high-quality graphics
• Third-person / first-person mode.
• Character voice.
• Extraordinary Character Models.
• Extraordinary Pedestrian AI and Traffic Systems
• AI cars: police cars, ambulances, trucks, motorbikes, Sedans, Hatchbacks, Compact,
Trailer, Bus, Taxi, SUV, Sports Car, Supercar, VAN, Firetruck
• Realistic physical vehicles.
• Detailed vehicle interiors
• Realistic damage system
• Too many types of fast cars
• Improved manual transmission, with 6 Gear + Reverse
• Tilt steering wheel, buttons and touch the steering wheel
• Pedal Slider, for better control
• Online Leaderboard and Achievements
• Real engine sound
• Realistic weather conditions

Crazy Open World Driver – Taxi Simulator Mod Apk Money

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