Counter Sniper Shooting Mod Apk (UNLIMITED GOLD/WEAPON/NO ADS)

Counter Sniper Shooting is a new sniping game where all you have to do is hunt for targets that appear in traffic. Here are some bad people in their vehicles. In missions, you have to do various tasks such as shooting vehicles or killing bad people. For the highest score, aim for the best. As you continue to advance on a level, the quality of weapons and the power of zoom from the scope also increase. But don't worry, because the target is also getting faster and harder to attack. Shoot your enemies or they will shoot you with their weapons. Play as an expert shooter taking positions on the city roof, kill to eliminate terrorists in the city. Play for free and challenge your friends to show their shooting and driving skills like you do. Keep playing and keep enjoying but don't forget to rate. Have fun!


- Realistic and modern 3D graphics
- Weapons that can be upgraded
- Various cars to destroy
- Amazing modern sound effects
- Free to play!
- deep gameplay physics
- Smooth realistic controls
- Outstanding FPS control becomes accurate when shooting

Counter Sniper Shooting Mod Apk (UNLIMITED GOLD/WEAPON/NO ADS)

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