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Clone Armies v9.0.5 Mod Apk

Clone Armies Mod Apk This is not your daily 2D shooter. Clone Army is different, new and fresh!

Remember how often you destroy the restart button in the action shooter when something is very wrong and you die? In our game, you might do the same thing - but there is ONE big difference - your previous experiments will support you! Each additional clone will copy the exact same movements as you do when you play like that.

Choose among many different units, from minigun holding soldiers to jet-packs or tanks and use this unique mechanism with your creativity to find one of a hundred ways to complete challenging missions in Clone Armies. Lead your army against the enemy with a red hat and mustache!

- Unique game mechanics, which you have never seen before
- Easy and simple controls
- Various units with unique statistics and abilities
- Many fun and challenging missions with increasing difficulty
- Several game modes + special Endless Mode where you can compete with other players
- Various hats and effects that you can get to decorate your clone forces

Future updates:
- Multiplayer
- new mission

Unlimited Money
Unlimited DNA

Note: The game needs to be disconnected from the network, otherwise it is easy to seal. In the main interface of the game, click on the “SCENARIO” at the bottom right to enter the offline mode.
The sandbox is open;
Added a skip of the first level (press pause and the level will end);
Skipped training;
Only in mod [Unlocked / a lot of money]:
Endless game currency and upgrade cards;
All skins and levels are open.