Clicker Warriors – Idle RPG Mod Apk (Higher Damage/Lower Hero Upgrade Cost)

Clicker Warriors is a free to play idle RPG clicker game. Choose your strongest hero and take an endless journey to defeat the creatures of darkness.

This game allows players to choose a strong hero that can be improved by increasing their attributes, talents, and abilities. These heroes can be equipped with unique items that can be dropped from enemies. Each item can be upgraded to a higher level of scarcity. Also, there is a crafting system where junk goods can be used as craft materials.

Main feature

Auto Battle - Idle / AFK System: Your hero continues to fight even when you are offline or AFK. Claim your prize when you return to the game. Use your resources to train your hero, upgrade your items, increase your talent, unlock new attributes and get stronger before the mighty dragon burns you to ashes!

Endless Zones: Explore and raid endless zones by defeating bosses and epic monsters!
Character system: Unlock new heroes. Kill monsters faster and stronger.

Looting System: Kill monsters and booty. Use your teeth to be stronger and stronger.

Item crafting: Too much junk is not a bad thing. Combine unnecessary items to create new ones.

Scarcity update: Not satisfied with your booty? Just improve and use it.

Item level upgrade system: Update your items by using item upgrade scrolls that can be dropped by defeating enemies.

Tap, Click or Swipe: Support your hero by tapping, clicking, or swiping. Increase your tap damage by activating new talents and completing sets of items.

Active skills: Unlock your strong acting skills to support your warriors in battle.

Attributes: Unlock new attributes to improve your warrior's abilities.

Warrior Soul: Get a warrior's soul by defeating powerful creatures to increase the strength of your warrior.

Talent: Use your warrior's soul in the talent tree to improve your warrior's abilities.

Revival: Revive your warriors to grow stronger!

Clicker Warriors – Idle RPG Mod Apk (Higher Damage/Lower Hero Upgrade Cost)

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