CHASE FIRE Mod Apk + Obb

■ Impressive full 3-D graphics! Global No. 1 Shooting Adventure Shooting for the World!
- Battle UI Optimized for Mobile Devices!
- High-Quality 3D Characters that Alive!

■ Strong ancient creatures hunt extraordinary boss monsters!
- Monsters with Varied Patterns
- Challenging Boss Attack Patterns!
- Game Mode for Boss Fights Only, Nemesis War!

■ Should We Duel? Prove Your Skills Towards Others Around the World in PvP Mode!
- Search and destroy! The victory lies ahead!
- Organize a Defense Team and Fight the Enemy!
- Defeat Opponents and Get Treasure!

■ The Right Tool for Me? Unique Weapons and Unique Vehicles!
- From One-Shot-One-Kill Shotguns to Secondary Pistols!
- Duck from Enemy Attack!
- Realistic Graphic Equipment!

■ Full Voiceover by Famous Hollywood Voice Actors!
- The Great Story that Takes Places Around the World!
- VO and Immersive Stories!

1. Mod Menu
2. Aimbot: Not works in “CHASE BATTLE” and it has Auto Fire in Aimbot
* Next Updates I will remove Auto Fire
3. ESP Lines: Works in All Mode, but maybe will make the games lagging in some device
4. Unlimited Ammo: Works in All Mode

CHASE FIRE Mod Apk + Obb

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