Cats King – Battle Dog Wars: RPG Summoner Mod Apk

Summon the legendary Cat hero and dive into a fantasy RPG adventure in CATS KING - Battle Dog Wars: RPG Summoner. Use strong cards, fight with competing Dog teams for your battle, complete quests. End this offline game quickly and be a winner!

✔️ Beat lots of different monsters with skill cards in this idle game.
✔️Cute the game with character creation!
✔️Large selection of Cat heroes
✔️ Dynamic hero enhancement system
✔️ Strong skill system & full character customization

30+ warriors are waiting for you to summon and increase your strength in this offline game. There are three lines like Warrior, Magician, and Supporter. When you combine them, you can create lots of different tactics and the ability to get various items. Choose 3 cat heroes on each level and for each battle bring attractions, different, and fill the bag.

Loot, craft, improve and envy your friends in PvP:
Combining offline and online RPG games, you are not only comfortable to enjoy without networks but you can also claim the strength of your Cat forces by fighting other players. Let's create the best team to quickly become a Top and win lots of cool prizes. Your tactics and leadership are the time to prove it.

Become a conscious Cat hero to build the strongest team, to protect your Kingdom. Using your skill cards intelligently you will be the winner even if you are dealing directly with the Boss.

Cats King – Battle Dog Wars: RPG Summoner FEATURES:
- 3 lines of Cat heroes: Warriors, Magicians, and Supporters.
- Select a skill card
- Call 30+ heroes
- Various assignments and awards
- Boss challenge
- Offline games do not need a network connection, cute games, you can play anywhere
- Manipulate one-touch battles easily

1. One Hit Kill
2. God Mode
3. Unlimited Diamond (after you play 1 match)
4. Unlimited Gold (after you play 2 match)
5. Unlimited Fragment

Cats King – Battle Dog Wars: RPG Summoner Mod Apk

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