Cat’n’Robot: Idle Defense Mod Apk

Cat’n’Robot: Idle Defense Mod Apk
Cat’n’Robot: Idle Defense Mod Apk Your kingdom is attacked by monsters. Grow your cat warrior stronger, build your robot bigger to defeat the enemy. Simple, but fun to play, you will surely be addicted to that epic battle.

Various Gadgets, each of which has unique abilities. Complete them in robots and use them as weapons to defend against enemies. Each combination is a different strategy. This makes every game a new experience.

Soldiers can never become soldiers without soldiers using bows. They are very important for the war. Grow your archer stronger. Nothing can stand your mighty strength.

The legendary hero returns to your army to save the kingdom. The heroes come with extraordinary powers and special abilities. They are the biggest support for your troops in the war against monsters.

Do monsters cause horrors to the kingdom ?? The cat army must defeat the bad guys. There are 20 types of monsters and bosses. Cat troops will fight them.

Not only do you have to defend your kingdom, but you can also attack and reclaim the castle that your enemy defeated. Each castle is a big challenge, along with many valuable prizes for your troops.

With a complex research and manufacturing system, you can collect dozens of materials to create new sophisticated gadgets, new rare weapons for your hero, and many other magical spells.

Complete the search to get benefits for your troops. More facilities, the army will become stronger. An endless number of searches are waiting for you.

Cat’n’Robot: Idle Defense FEATURES
- More than 50 gadgets, making a number of strategies without end
- Upgrade gadgets in various ways
- More than 10 heroes with special skills
- More than 10 pets to support troops
- Skill points with 20 different skills
- Millions of combinations, millions of strategies
- Interesting search and fame system
- Many interesting play modes to choose from
- ranking system
- Synchronize your data with our servers in the cloud

Disabled reloading weapons;
Tools can be used even if you do not have enough energy;
After starting the game, click on the round button at the top left to open the mod menu where you can freeze the change in money, diamonds and skill points

Cat’n’Robot: Idle Defense Mod Apk

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