Cat Simulator – and friends Mod Apk (Unlock all pets and dress up)

Cat Simulator – and friends Mod Apk
Cat Simulator – and friends Mod Apk Play as your favorite cat or dog in this wild adventure!
All new Beach levels!

Hundreds of pleasant interactions in a great environment for hours of solid fun.

Look at accessories - hats, helmets, mustaches, glasses and more, then take photos and share them on Facebook or Twitter with your friends.

A realistic and easy to play cat game!

See if you can get the highest score or unlock all achievements.

If you like playing cat games then this is the game for you!

With more than 20 pets to choose from, there's no end to the fun!
Free to open the lock.

15 animal friends hidden in the game - can you find and collect all of them?


Farm-level: let's help drive a tractor? Go on a quest to help crows and help the horses escape!
Playground: Want to fly with a kite, eat ice cream, or swing?
School out! Play Dominos, Ride on a skateboard, play in the gym.
Home: Daddy plays golf - let's play too and steal the ball. What cooks in the kitchen? Interact with family - If you are happy they might feed you in this fun cat simulator.
Garden: Chasing ducks, helping with planting, making friends with dogs in the garden or maybe squirrels in the wild?
Beach: Jetski? Set off some fireworks, play in a band, dig sand with dozers, build sandcastles and more!


All accessories, places, and pets can be opened for free, so dive into playing with Porky Pig, Billy the goat, Shadow the dog, Sammy the tomcat cat or one of the many pets in your cat simulator.


Use the joypad to move and swipe the screen to get a 360-degree view of your pet.
Destroy the things around.
Be prepared for lateral cat damage in the cat simulator in their wild and engrossed lives.
New: play in HD or SD quality mode.
Click on doggy at the bottom left of the screen to load.
Time Trial Mode added!
Extra cat game levels are added all the time.
What did they build in their secret time?
Neko Tastic !!
Simulator Cat is super fun!
Incredible super fun cat game!

Cat Simulator – and friends Mod Apk (Unlock all pets and dress up)

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